VOSH PA Mission to Cap Haitien Jan 5-12, 2018

January 5 – January 12    

Trip Leader: Diane Wilson, O.D.     

Email: dianewilson1661@gmail.com

Team: Dr. Marianne Banales, Dr. Kara Ramsey, Dr. Parker Plante, Dr. Diane Wilson, four optometry students: Jon Wilson, Leslie Kinder and Kajene Murugathasan from st louis, and Franz Tousaint from New York. (We were thrilled to have Franz because he is Haitian and lived in haiti until the age of 18.) Also 3 lay persons: Judi Ruppel, Caroline Wilson and Lauren Werkmeister.

Location: Grand Riviere, Limonade, Pain tru Nord (dr maklin), Port Mago, and a school in Cap Hatien

Total patients: 1363.

Cataract referrals: 59

Glaucoma referrals: 129

Other: 9

We referred glaucoma to Milot and cataracts to Vision Plus Joseph did a fabulous job as always. Favio, Mark, James, Marise and JB were our interpreters. I changed our trip from Sun to Sat to Friday to Friday because the airfare was 40% less than traveling Sun to Sat. January seems to be the most expensive time to travel to haiti. Our team enjoyed visited Comier beach and the citadel.

Thank you for the honor of serving, Diane Wilson, O.D.

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