VOSH PA Mission to Haiti Jan 14-20, 2018

January 14 – January 20   

Trip Leader: Marcha Pollection, O.D.      

Email: marchaod@gmail.com

On Sunday January 14th Dr. Michelle Cadet, myself and my cousin Emmanuella Petion arrived in the afternoon at the airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  We had no problems at customs.  They didn’t even open our duffel bags, we didn’t have to pay  for anything.  Zouti Bernard from Charity Vision came  later to get us from the airport and took us to the hotel. We had a meeting that night.

Zouti made all the arrangements for the locations and transportations for the whole week.   Charity Vision had staff including 4 nurses. They brought in portable equipments and some meds to treat eye  infections. We went to a private school for the first two days and two public schools in Leogane for days 3&4.

Days 1 and 2:  Le Taupin school in Carrefour Port-au-Prince total  502 students seen with around 23 staff included.

Day 3: Ecole Nationale de Gressier in Leogane total 120 students seen.  It was a shorter day.

Day 4:. Ecole Nationale de Darbonne in Leogane total 392 students some staff.

Zouti has 10 prescription of eyeglasses that need to be done in a lab.  He will contact VPC in Cap- Haitien.  We dispensed a lot of eyeglasses.

The sunglasses I got from Dave were given to the teachers. There were some students who had eye infections and were treated with antibiotics/steroid ointment. I also gave them sunglasses.

Day 5: Michelle  and I met with Dr. Cadet and the students of the new Optometry  program at the University.  It was a very productive meeting and the students were very appreciative.

On Friday night everyone who worked with us went to a reception in our honor.  We also met a group of Catholic Church members including the priest.  They were very impressed with VOSH PA and would like to work with us in the future.

It was a great trip.  The children and the staff at the schools were happy with us.  The coordinator and nurses at Charity Vision were very professional.  We worked hard and it was a pleasant experience. I want to thank the board members for caring for the Haitian people. You guys rock!  Thanks Dave for helping me with organizing the trip.

Marcha Polection OD

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